Variety range

Q-Potato trades a number of different varieties suitable mainly for cultivation in Southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Varieties include: 
Spunta, Agria, Desiree, Hermes, Jaerla, Kondor, Liseta,  Monalisa, Mondial, Diamant, Cara, Bartina, Baraka, Lady Rosetta, Premiere, Kennebec, Nicola, Alpha.

Seed Potatoes for processing

Concerning seed potatoes for processing we can deliver the following varieties: 
Innovator, Markies, Agria, Lady Anna, Challenger, Fontane, Arsenal. 

Q-potato goes into new varieties

The last two years we have made several trailfields and the best varieties will be mentioned below.  You are welcome to discuss results an possibilities with Wouter Mutsaers or Dan Koch. Click here to get in touch.

  • Very attractive bright skin
  • High yielding variety
  • Good storability
Detailed information
  • High % big tubers
  • Cooking type B
  • Good storability
Detailed information
  • Baker type variety
  • Drought resistant
  • Big round tubers
Detailed information
  • Very attractive bright skin
  • Good Phytophthora resistant
  • Good storability
Detailed information

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