Flevopool and the Q-Potato pool

Q-Potato organizes sales for the Flevopool Potato Marketing Association (AAV Flevopool). AAV Flevopool was set up by potato growers in the Dutch province of Flevoland. In consultation with Dirk van de Water, they market their own potatoes in the Netherlands and internationally. The pool offers a flexible total package for both growers and buyers. See also www.flevopool.nl.

For the Q-Potato pool, we organize, in collaboration with intermediary Kees Gommeren, potato sales for a group of growers in the South-Western Netherlands.

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Call or e-mail Kees Gommeren (+ 31 6 54 67 41 04 / kees@gommeren-kruisland.nl) or Dirk van de Water (+31 6 53 13 76 88 / dirk@qpotato.com).

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