Spunta: a crisis-proof variety

We don't have our own monopoly varieties in our product range. We are purely a trading company for free varieties of seed potatoes and ware potatoes. So I don’t have a new variety to offer as an answer to the crisis, observes Wouter Mutsaers, of the brand new Q-Potato in Lemmer. What he does have on offer is a long-existing, tried and true, crisis-proof variety that this year has yet again seen enormous demand: the Spunta. “Whereas other major free varieties did take a considerable hit this year -- I’m thinking of the Bintje, Desiree and Nicola -- the Spunta seems completely immune to the crisis. In fact, this is already the seventh successful year in a row, with healthy demand for this variety from every corner of the world. Even at this early stage I dare say that 95 per cent of the volume produced in the Netherlands will find a buyer. And I have the feeling that this variety will remain a success certainly in the coming seven years. The countries where the variety is marketed, many in North Africa, are strongly traditional in outlook. The traders, growers and consumers there are not eager for change. They know the cultivation characteristics of the variety. Production is always consistently high. The tubers are large and present attractively in market stalls, and the preparation method and taste are trusted and familiar.”

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Spunta: a crisis-proof variety
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