Our company

Q-potato means quality. You can keep us to that. Whether you are a grower or buyer an whether you are interested in seed or ware potatoes. We take care of the purchases and sales, and we focus mainly on potatoes from clay soils. Constantly, we monitor the quality of the product.

Our large network of both suppliers and buyers enables us to respond quickly to changes in the market. We always aim to deliver the right product to the customer, at the right time and at the right price. Especially in circumstances where demand is constantly changing. We can rely on years of experience in the potato world. Growers appreciate they get well informed regarding developments in the market. Communication lines are short and direct; our representative at the grower's table is also the contact person for the buyers. We develop long-term relationships with both suppliers and buyers. Trust is important, quick decisions as well. All of these aspects contribute to the Q in Q-Potato.

"A reliable partner, one whose word is a promise."

Wouter Mutsaers
Purchase and sale of seed potatoes