New Activities

Collaboration is a keyword in our strategy. We strengthen our existing activities and expand into new areas of activity by investing in long-term partnerships. One of these is our exclusive partnership with Yellow Chips; another is our provision of a complete package of marketing services for Flevopool. As partners, we strengthen each other; the adroit, small organization gains the striking power of a large player.


Q-Potato strategic partner of Yellow Chips BV

Q-Potato has entered into a multi-year agreement with Yellow Chips for the exclusive purchasing and sourcing of all Yellow Chips’ potato and vegetable needs. Yellow Chips, based in Emmeloord, is a rapidly growing producer of organic potato chips and vegetable chips.

Through this partnership, Q-Potato has expanded the scope of its activities. Besides potatoes, the company is now actively involved in the purchase, logistics, and supply of a broad range of vegetables, among them parsnips, beets, carrots and sweet potatoes.

Q-Potato and Yellow Chips are committed to involving local producers as much as possible. An absolute prerequisite is that quality must meet the standards set to produce the very best vegetable chips and organic potato chips.


Yellow Chips on Q-Potato

Since mid-2013 we have worked very closely with Dirk van de Water and Wouter Mutsaers, the driving forces behind Q-Potato. We have chosen to further intensify the collaboration because we are convinced that knowledge of the raw materials markets, combined with good links to and relations with growers, is one of the most important factors in our success. Q-Potato offers the knowledge, the experience and the contacts that we seek. We have complete confidence in Q-Potato. These past two years have demonstrated that together with Q-Potato, the various local growers and with our own expertise, we are capable of accomplishing great things.

Read more about Yellow Chips.

"Understanding each other and achieving the best possible results for everyone in the chain."

Dirk van de Water
Purchase and sale of ware potatoes and vegetables


"Q-Potato offers the knowledge, the experience and the contacts that we seek. "

Yellow Chips
Maarten Brouwer

"We have confidence in each other; it's the basis of our good collaboration. "

Van Meir-Uien
Robert Welten

"For years, Q-Potato has supplied us with exceptionally high-quality seed tubers."

Juan Antonio del Torcal

"Looking for markets for an innovative, tasty and natural product is something we do together with Q-Potato."

Stam-Schaap Agro BV
Maikel Stam

"Q-Potato has provided a good alternative for our organic parsnips."

Van Vilsteren Landbouw B.V.
Anton van Vilsteren

"Q-Potato supplies me with high-grade propagation materials for my seed potato production. That reduces quality-related risks to a minimum."

Theo Dingemans

"Q-Potato gives us extensive information about the various market segments."

Flevopool growers

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